VehGro is the tea wholesaler where you can find the most delicious ingredients for your tea. Our ingredients are of the highest quality and produced in a organic way. You will also notice the taste with a light natural aroma, without artificial flavours which make the taste too intense. We have various tea varieties, with which you can make the tastiest natural tea.
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  1. Beetroot Fine Cut Organic
    Beetroot Fine Cut Organic SKU: 56610-conf
    As low as €4.23 incl. VAT: €4.61
  2. Cardamom Seeds Whole Organic
    Cardamom Whole Organic SKU: 80019-conf
    As low as €11.01 incl. VAT: €12.00
  3. Celery Leave Cut Organic
    Celery Leaves Cut Organic SKU: 80116-conf
    As low as €4.86 incl. VAT: €5.30
  4. Chives Cut Coarse Organic
    Chives Cut Germ Reduced Organic SKU: 80113-conf
    As low as €4.52 incl. VAT: €4.93
  5. Kruidnagel Heel BIO
    Cloves Whole Organic SKU: 80075-conf
    As low as €24.39 incl. VAT: €26.59
  6. Cranberry Flakes 0,5-3 mm Organic
    Cranberry Flakes 0,5-3 mm Organic SKU: 56770-conf
    As low as €5.68 incl. VAT: €6.19
  7. Fennel Whole Organic
    Fennel Whole Organic SKU: 80036-conf
    As low as €2.86 incl. VAT: €3.12
  8. Genmaicha Tea
    Genmaicha Tea Organic SKU: 58690-conf
    As low as €6.84 incl. VAT: €7.46
  9. Lemon Myrtle 3-6 mm Organic
    Lemon Myrtle 3-6 mm Organic SKU: 80151-conf
    As low as €11.29 incl. VAT: €12.31
  10. Lemon Myrtle Cut Fine 1-3 mm Organic
    Lemon Myrtle Cut Fine 1-3 mm Organic SKU: 80150-conf
    As low as €11.29 incl. VAT: €12.31
  11. Lemon Verbena Cut Organic
    Lemon Verbena Cut Organic SKU: 90019-conf
    Out Of Stock
  12. Matcha Bamboo Tea Beater
    Matcha Bamboo Tea Beater SKU: 960007
    €15.44 incl. VAT: €18.68 As low as incl. VAT: €16.44
  13. Matcha Latte Powder
    Matcha Latte Mix Organic SKU: 58670-conf
    As low as €6.60 incl. VAT: €7.19
  14. Bio Matcha Ceremony
    Matcha Powder Ceremony Organic SKU: 41220-conf
    As low as €32.78 incl. VAT: €35.73
  15. Matcha Poeder
    Matcha Powder Organic SKU: 13002-conf
    As low as €7.31 incl. VAT: €7.97
  16. Matcha Teabowl Osaka
    Matcha Teabowl Osaka SKU: 960003
    Out Of Stock
  17. Matcha Teabowl Sakai
    Matcha Teabowl Sakai SKU: 960002
    Out Of Stock
  18. Nettle Cut Organic
    Nettle Leaves Cut Organic SKU: 80013-conf
    As low as €4.42 incl. VAT: €4.82
  19. Oregano Cut germfree Organic
    Oregano Cut germ-reduced Organic SKU: 80078-conf
    As low as €4.48 incl. VAT: €4.88
  20. Peterselie Gesneden kiemarm Biologisch
    Parsley Cut germ-reduced Organic SKU: 80090-conf
    As low as €5.16 incl. VAT: €5.62
  21. Peterselie Gesneden Fijn 1-2 mm BIO
    Parsley Fine Cut 0.2-1 mm Organic SKU: 80091-conf
    As low as €4.98 incl. VAT: €5.43
  22. Peppermint Leaf Finely Cut Organic
    Peppermint Leaves Finely Cut Organic SKU: 45590-conf
    As low as €3.80 incl. VAT: €4.14
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Wholesale of tea: get the best tea here!

Tea wholesaler Vehgro

Vehgro is the tea wholesaler where you can get the best ingredients for your tea. In recent years there has been a clear trend towards demand for organic products. The great advantage of organically produced food is that it is produced without the use of pesticides. They are produced with care for people, animals and the environment. In addition to that, they are packed with nutrients and are super tasty.

Wholesale tea

What should a wholesaler of tea comply with? Simple: to offer the best tea for young and old, made from the best natural ingredients. Organic tea is grown with care for people and nature. Moreover, the tea farmers receive an honest price for their product. It is a win-win situation for producer and consumer: both get the best.

The taste of organic tea

You can usually taste it right away if tea is organic. At least, you can taste it when the tea is not from organic origin. Non-organic tea has artificial flavours added to it. With organic tea, your smell and taste buds are absorbed in the light natural aroma. Because of the abundance of flavourings in non-organic tea, the taste soon becomes too intense.

The aroma of organic tea

Organic tea gives off a subtle fragrance. The smell of non-organic tea is often annoyingly strong. Also, the colour of the water is often too dark, while organic tea has a very mild effect on the water. The colouring is also very subtle.

Removal of organic tea

Growing organic tea plants is very time consuming. Quality is not just handed to you on a plate, it has to be enforced. Organic cultivation ensures that the soil remains fertile for the next harvest. The plants are less likely to die from the use of harmful pesticides. Organic tea is grown in Sri Lanka, China and India, among other countries. Organic tea can be grown all over the world, in every 'tea country'.

Specialised tea regions

Japan is known for its production of green tea and in South Africa, rooibos tea has been grown for many years. The process of making tea production more sustainable is taking longer in some countries than in others. This has to do with the investment costs needed for organic cultivation. Non-organic is often faster and cheaper.

Why organic tea?

Why choose organic tea and an organic tea wholesaler? Simple: organic tea has a number of important advantages: there is close cooperation between the farmers and the supplier of the tea on the Western markets, which ensures fairer relations in power. You usually pay a little more for organic tea, but at least the tea is not harmful to your health and it tastes great. In short: organic tea is a must.

The magic of Matcha tea

. Matcha tea is a special product that is difficult to prepare. Tea wholesaler Vehgro has several Matcha products. Matcha tea has a delicious full-bodied taste and is also full of good nutrients. The Matcha plants produce Chlorophyll, because they are not exposed to too much sunlight. This substance gives the leaves of the plant a dark green colour and is rich in essential amino acids.
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