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Founder and Owner

Hello, my name is Michel, 46 years and since 2012 founder and owner of VehGro B.V. This company was founded from an intrinsic motivation, because healthier (and sugar free) food had helped me years ago to alleviate personal complaints.


My Motivation

It has always been my motivation to create a beautiful, healthy and modern company with an international character, in which transparency, honesty, health and sustainability are central. A company where employees like to work and customers like to be customers.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just to spar with me.

To your health!


Driven by health

Making food a little healthier is what I am all about. It started years ago with all sorts of health complaints I was having. The medical mill made the diagnoses; irritable bowel and hypersensitivity to certain nutrients. But which ones? And how? The doctors could not help me any further …

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Influence of sugar & medicines

In order to suppress the symptoms, I received medication. But these led to other symptoms. I wanted to know what was going on, so I started investigating by myself. What did I found out? Sugar was one of the main culprits causing so much damage in my body. People around me also started having more health problems that were explained by too much sugar intake. Inflammations, candida (yeast that causes fungal infections), diabetes, you name it.

Herbal solutions

After my discovery, I wanted to get a grip on my life again. I found it in the form of a plant-based alternative for sugar: Stevia. In 2012, I even started importing it through my own web shop, Steviahouse. It soon became clear that many people were looking for alternatives for sugar. Meanwhile, the demand for other organic ingredients also grew enormously. And so VehGro, an online health food store/wholesaler, was born to help people eat healthier.

Time for responsible business

Responsible entrepreneurship is, of course, part of us. This is reflected in the way we run our business. We work together with sheltered workplaces and with people who are distanced from the labour market. Together, we make the world a little better.

Happy farmers, happy citizens

Wherever possible, we now buy fair trade ingredients. And we make sure that farmers and other producers in the countries of origin get what their work and products are worth. They are happy with us as a connection. And shoppers are happy to know where their organic food comes from through us.

We cannot change the pharmaceutical and food processing industries, but we can do our bit to ensure healthier food for all, produced by our planet. Wil you help us?

Sustainable world

Michel Groothuis,

Founder and owner


"Nutritious food for all"
 Provided by earth !
- Michel -

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