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Welcome to our protein powder page, where you can find various supplements of good quality. The protein powder supplements from VehGro are from 100% natural origin, without chemical additives. These supplements are also very suitable for athletes to give your body a natural boost.
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Active and healthy in life with sports supplements (protein powders)

Sports supplements come in numerous forms, including as organic protein powder and as vegetable protein powder. Sports supplements are generally used by athletes to improve their athletic performance. These are not only professional athletes, but also fanatical hobby athletes. The great thing about sports supplements is that they are completely legal.

Sport supplements are not doping

Although they may remind you of doping, sports supplements are 100% natural and legal. They are natural performance enhancers. Everyone knows that a balanced diet contributes to a good sports performance. Sports supplements such as protein powders are of 100% natural origin, which means that they are made from natural foods.

Pay attention to the dosage

As with everything, it is important not to exceed the prescribed dose. The health benefits of taking the supplement may then be negated. Exceeding the limit can even have an unwanted negative health effect.

What sports supplements are there?

Sports supplements come in countless variations: the range goes from hemp protein to rice protein, pea protein to vegan protein powder. You can take the supplement in powder, capsule or pill form. It is also possible to mix powders into healthy shakes or smoothies.

The advantage of the supplements is that they give your body a healthy, natural boost, in addition to a balanced diet. Your health improves.

How do sports supplements work?

Sports supplements are "reinforcements" for the human body: warriors in the breach, guardians of the fortress. They are the fresh forces that come to relieve the weary warriors in the ranks.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a fanatic on an amateur basis, as an athlete you use more nutrients than a non-athlete. Therefore, your body needs more than usual to be able to recover from the "attack" that a training session does.

Supplements for vegetarians and vegans

Especially vegetarians and vegans benefit from sports supplements. With their diet, it is often difficult to get enough nutrients. Vegans benefit from protein shakes and vegan protein powder, among other things. Vegan protein powder is also a good option.

Protein is mainly found in animal products. The supplements of Vehgro are of 100% natural origin, without chemical additives such as sweetener and coloring.

Are supplements also suitable for me?

Proteins, amino acids and vitamins have a constructional effect in the body, which is necessary for optimal recovery and growth. Even if you're not a fanatical athlete, but have difficulty consuming the daily prescribed nutrients, you will benefit.

In what cases are sports supplements recommended?

Sports supplements are recommended for anyone who is active in the gym twice a week or more, or practices a body intensive sport. Supplements promote the recovery of the body.. It is important to choose only healthy supplements of organic origin. That is why you should choose Vehgro.

Working towards your goals

Sports supplements help you to achieve your goals. No doping, but a boost. Vegetable protein powder helps with muscle recovery and the creation of muscle mass.

Top sport is “not healthy" is sometimes said. Fanatical sports at amateur level can contribute to a healthy lifestyle, especially if you take additional supplements during sports. Anyone who exercises frequently can use some extra love. You can do this with Vehgro supplements.

What to watch out for

How should you use supplements responsibly? Actually, it's in the name: sports supplements are 'supplemental' - they have a complementary effect. You should start with a good, balanced diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Supplements are not intended to replace foods in your diet, but rather to supplement. Supplements are that extra desired 'boost'.

Supplement use and restrictions

Supplements are basically for everyone, although there are some restrictions. Are you pregnant? Or are you taking certain medications? Then we recommend you to consult your doctor before you start using supplements.

In some cases supplements do not go well with medicines. Also, supplements can sometimes have a negative effect on children under 11. So keep them in a safe place.

What is hemp protein?

Hemp protein is a protein made from hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are considered a replacement for protein sources of animal origin. The protein supplements are made through a process that ensures a higher concentration of proteins and a lower concentration of carbohydrates and fats than was present in the original hemp product. The end result is hemp protein powder.

Precipient protein: what is it then?

Precipitated pea protein powder is made from peas. In peas you will find high concentrations of fibre, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Also, peas are rich in such things as potassium and folic acid.

Fresh garden peas are delicious and healthy, but also rich in protein. With pea protein powder you can count on concentrated amounts of protein. This means that pea protein powder is an ideal addition to a diet which requires a lot of protein.

What is the biological value of pea protein?

Pea protein is packed with protein, which is composed of several amino acids. Pea protein contains large amounts of the amino acids lysine and arginine. Pea protein therefore contains a rich mix of essential and non-essential amino acids. Very healthy.

What is rice protein?

Rice protein is a high-quality protein source. Also you will find in rice protein several essential amino acids, which are building blocks for tissues and help with muscle recovery after extensive exercise.

The advantage of rice protein is that it is both organic and vegan. Moreover, it has a pleasant taste and is easy to mix. In addition to that, it is soy and gluten free and contains no artificial additives.