Organic nuts are part of the new superfood. Are you looking for nuts to buy from a wholesaler? Then you have come to the right place at Vehgro. With us you will find a very wide range of organic nuts. Organically grown nuts are extra healthy and increasingly form the basis of our daily diet.
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Buy the tastiest seeds and nuts? You do it at Vehgro

Nuts are tasty and healthy: buying nuts is not only because it is good for you, but also to spoil yourself. Nuts contain, among others, proteins, good fats and fibres. A modest portion of 25 grams (a handful) of organic nuts can already have a positive influence on your heart and vessels. The nuts we sell also contain vitamin B1 and vitamin E, as well as several important minerals, such as iron.

Are nuts healthy or unhealthy?

Nuts are a natural product and in principle very healthy. They are full of good, essential nutrients. However, please note that nuts are also rich in calories and fat. Enjoying nuts is absolutely allowed, as long as you do not snack on them too much in one day. As with everything, enjoy nuts, but in moderation. Buying organic nuts is done for your pleasure.

Are organic nuts healthier?

Every nut supplier can tell you that organic nuts are an absolute must. Organic nuts are not only sustainably grown - with care for people, animals and the environment - but also very tasty.

The human body thrives better on food of organic origin. Why? Organic nuts are not sprayed: pesticides are not used. Moreover, you notice the taste when nuts are organic: it is a lot fuller.

Free from pesticides

In conventional nut growing various pesticides are used. That is all well and good, but they are harmful to the environment and the human body. After all, you have no guarantee that those toxic substances will not end up in your body.

It is not exactly clear to what extent the nut shell can stop the harmful substances. So don't run any unnecessary risks: buying nuts at wholesaler Vehgro means guaranteed poison-free.

Nutrient rich

The organic nuts from wholesaler Vehgro contain more nutrients than 'ordinary' nuts from supermarkets. Nuts which have been processed in a natural way are delivered to your home unchanged.

These contain the largest possible amount of nutrients which are naturally present in the nut. The natural substances remain in the nut, while chemical substances are excluded. The inner beauty is not tampered with.

Free from genetic modification

Buying organic nuts means buying nuts that have not been tampered with genetically. The nuts retain their own natural properties, so that you can fully enjoy the taste - as intended by Mother Nature. One thing is for sure: organic nuts are much tastier than 'regular' nuts. Not convinced? Taste them for yourself.

Human and environment on the highest stage

Buying organic nuts is highly recommended for anyone who is conscious of the environment. No toxins are used in the cultivation of organic nuts. Mother Earth is thus spared a lot of chemical rubbish. It is not only the soil, the plants and the animals that suffer from this, but also the people who live in the direct vicinity of the fields sprayed with chemicals. Moreover, chemical agents also pollute the groundwater.

The local environment benefits

In addition to the plants and animals, the people living in the environment of organic nut production also benefit: they are not exposed to toxic substances, nor do they have to deal with polluted soil or polluted drinking water. The employees of the nut company do not have to worry about ingesting toxic fumes.

Healthy working conditions lead to happy staff, who will put their heart and soul into achieving the very best results.

Nuts wholesale

Nuts wholesale prices on the high side? Maybe if you always buy nuts in small portions, but not if you buy in bulk - that's what wholesalers are for.

Moreover, quality may well cost a little extra: you immediately taste the difference between a normal nut and an organic nut. It works the same way as with wine: for special occasions, 1 bottle of quality wine is worth more than 5 watery wines. Cheap is ultimately just expensive.

The taste of organic walnuts

Did you know that organic walnuts are actually not nuts, but stone fruits? If you open the shell, you can see that the inner wall is very similar to that of a peach, cherry or apricot. Walnuts have a soft, mild flavour that many people find pleasing, especially in salads. If you do not like bitter, it is advisable to remove the husk. You can buy your walnuts via the organic wholesaler Vehgro.