Cacao Paste Wavers RAW Organic

Cocoa paste is made from cocoa beans that grow on cocoa trees. These cacao trees (Theobroma) grow in tropical climates in South America. These cocoa beans contain a high proportion o… Read on below...
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History and Origins

Cacao (Theobroma) was first harvested by the Olmecs in Mexico as early as 1000 B.C. At that time it was mainly used for fortifying drinks. Over the years, the Mayas and the Aztecs adopted this use in their cultures. Cocoa became part of ceremonial rituals and cocoa beans were a means of payment. In the 16th century, the Spanish brought cocoa to Europe.

In the mid-17th century, it became a popular drink. Cocoa trees were introduced to Asia and West Africa through colonies of various European countries, as there was a rising demand for chocolate in Europe.

The cocoa bean is the raw material used in the production of chocolate. These cocoa beans originate from the tropical climates of South America (Ecuador). The Theobroma cacao tree is sacred to the Mayans and Aztecs. The cacao beans from the tree are harvested by hand and the raw beans are then cleaned in natural water and selected for the best quality. This process ensures that the nutritional values are retained, without any additives.

Cocoa paste

Cocoa trees produce pods, these pods contain 20 to 40 beans. These beans are removed from the pods and fermented in the sun. Then they are sorted and further dried, so that the water is extracted and it gets its delicious aroma.

Next, the beans are separated from their husks and in 10 hours time they are ground in a wan mill to a fine paste, called cocoa liquor. This paste is then processed into large blocks of cocoa or into wavers and cooled.


Cocoa paste wavers are great for making your own chocolate. Precisely because the cocoa paste in waver form is cast, it is very easy to accurately measure quantities.

Premium Cacao Paste Wavers RAW Organic

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