Your assurance of healthy quality

Of organic products, you want to be sure that we handle them food-safely and responsibly. You get that assurance! After all, our origins lie in our vision of making healthier food accessible. We say so and guarantee it thanks to the quality labels and certificates below.

Safe food handling: FSSC 22000

The guarantee that we handle your products well is evidenced by our Food Safety System Certification: FSSC 22000. Every year we get several audits for this. These always prove that we are allowed to carry this certificate. And that we are allowed to process and repackage food ourselves. The partners we work with also carry this certificate or, for example, the strict BRC certificate (food safety retail).

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FSSC22000 Certificaat

Proven organic: Skal

All products labelled BIO are under continuous inspection by Skal, the official regulator in the Netherlands. The proof that everything with this label really is organic

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Registering or certifying your company?

Are you also interested in bio-registration or certification of your company?
Then read our blog article "when can the organic logo be used?"!


Control of agricultural chemicals & more: COA

Pesticides, heavy metals and microbes - we regularly check our products for their absence. We demonstrate this via a certificate of analysis (COA). If it contains something that does not belong, we reject the product or reject the batch. Pesticides break down plants' natural defences. Organic cultivation actually lets that immune system do its job in protecting against diseases. The result: better for the soil (full of ants and bacteria!), plant and people.


Furthermore, we strictly separate food that can cause allergic reactions from the rest.


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