Plant a Tree - Eden Reforestation Projects

VehGro B.V. donates one tree per order

VehGro B.V. wants to make 100% organic, healthy and quality products available to everyone. And for this we need a healthy earth, on which these products can be grown organically and under humane conditions. To do our bit, VehGro B.V. has been donating to Eden Reforestation Projects as an "Eden Projects partner" since July 2021.

You decide if we donate

VehGro B.V. offers to donate a tree to one of two Eden Reforestation Projects mangrove replanting projects (read more below) for €0.01 with every order.
You must tick the box to do so.

You can also donate extra trees yourself

Of course, you can also donate extra trees yourself. You can do this in the checkout when ordering. Each additional tree costs € 0.15. In this way you help us, Eden Reforestation Projects and the world to restore our earth.

Many customers have already done so. Here are the statistics for VehGro B.V. :

days active
trees planted
workdays created
kgs converted
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Co2 calculation

A mangrove tree can convert up to 4x more Co2 than an adult tree in the rainforest. A mangrove tree reaches approximately 25 years of age and converts each year an average of 12.3 kg Co2 into oxygen and biomass. That is 307.5 kg CO2 per mangrove tree during its lifecycle.

For more information, see the document Carbon Sequestration in Mangroves of Eden Reforestation Projects

Nutricious food for all, provided by earth

If VehGro B.V. has a heart for anything, it is for being able to offer the best natural and organic products. Everyone should be able to eat healthy and nutritious food and the earth can produce that for us. At VehGro B.V., we feel responsible for the earth and the state it is in, because we know that only a healthy earth can provide healthy food. That is why we support Eden Reforestation Projects and invite you to do your bit too.

What is Eden Reforestation Projects?

Eden Reforestation Projects is a non-profit organisation that has made it its mission to give impoverished people in various countries around the world a chance at honest work. They do this by engaging these people in reforesting their land. The vision of this organisation is to provide livelihoods for millions of people by engaging them in large-scale forest restoration and protection. This is something VehGro B.V. fully agrees with.

Two different projects

Forests are essential to making the earth healthy. Forests are cut down in large quantities and it is not always possible to replace them with new trees. The forests are disappearing at a rapid pace and putting the health of the earth at risk. If you want to eat well every day, a healthy earth is essential.

Of course, we only sell organic and responsible products where this is not an issue, but not everyone does. That is why we have decided to support two different projects of Eden Reforestation Projects, namely Plant in Mozambique and Plant in Madagascar.

Plant in Mozambique

Locals restore nature

Mozambique was always home to large mangrove forests and systems, but these have now been largely destroyed. This makes Mozambique a country where a number of endangered species fight for survival. Almost half the population of Mozambique lives below the poverty line.

Locals plant seedlings

The Eden Reforestation Projects organisation has already planted nearly 45 million trees in this country and created almost half a million working days for the local population. VehGro B.V. supports this project by offering you the option of donating a tree to Mozambique with every order and having it planted through this institution.

Mangrove forest in Mozambique is recovering

With our and your help, ecological balances are being restored.

Plantproject in Madagaskar

Deforested Madagascar coastline

Madagascar is originally an island full of forests and animal species. There are more than 200,000 species of animals and plants on the island and they cannot be found anywhere else on earth. More than 90% of Madagascar's forests have been cut down and therefore all these plant and animal species are in great danger. It also makes it very difficult for the inhabitants to make a living from the land if there are no forests.

Planting new mangrove forests

Eden Reforestation Projects started in 2007 to restore mangrove estuaries in Madagascar. These combat erosion and provide natural protection against severe weather. Since then, over 500 million trees have been planted and more than 5 million working days created. With every order you place with VehGro B.V., you can choose to donate a tree to Madagascar and have it planted by Eden Reforestation Projects.

New mangrove forest in 2013

The importance of a healthy earth

It is sometimes difficult for us to understand how much difference one tree makes to the people of Mozambique, Madagascar and other affected countries. And yet we depend on these countries, because the health of the earth is far from perfect there. And if we let that happen, in the future there will be no earth left for our children to live on and to grow good food.

Effects of Plant a Tree projects