Apple Cider Vinegar Organic 10L

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Origin and history of apple cider vinegar

Apple vinegar, also known as apple cider or apple cider vinegar, is a natural product (juice) made from fermented apples. It has been used for centuries as an effective preservative. More recently, apple cider vinegar has become popular because of its amazing health benefits

Production Process, Harvest or Processing Apple Cider Vinegar

The apples are milled creating a liquid that is mixed with yeast to start the process of alcoholic fermentation. The sugars are converted into alcohol. At the same time, acetic acid bacteria ensure that the created alcohol is converted into vinegar. In the final apple cider vinegar is thus no alcohol.

Healthy properties Apple Cider Vinegar and applications

Apple vinegar can be used in various ways, both internally and externally. It is besides a delicious addition to a salad or vegetable also good for the body. Apple cider vinegar can help to keep the skin supple and soft and help to neutralise the pH value. It is often used as a detox treatment, to detoxify the body. It can also be used as a throat softener. Do use it diluted, as it is so acidic that it can attack your teeth when drunk pure. Three times daily two teaspoons diluted with 200 ml of water is a good ratio.

Where can you buy Apple Cider Vinegar?

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Premium Apple Cider Vinegar Organic 10L

Apple Cider Vinegar Organic 10L from VehGro is an organic certified product of premium quality. Thanks to this certificate, you know that what you buy has been created with an eye and care for people and nature.

VehGro stands for products that are healthy and of the highest quality. The (organic) natural products we have selected come from various regions of the world. All products are checked in Europe and often also packaged there.

The ORGANIC quality mark stands for 100% controlled organic and reliable. These ingredients are guaranteed to be free of all sorts of additives such as sugars and fats and meet all European requirements with regard to pesticides. The quality of our products is regularly checked.

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