Toothbrushing tablets Fluoride free

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Fluoride free Toothbrushing tablets

Toothbrushing tablets are an excellent substitute for regular toothpaste. Take a tablet in your mouth, chew on it, so it is mixed well with your saliva. Then brush your teeth as usual.

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2 Benefits

  1. Cellulose
    The main ingredient is cellulose, which polishes the tooth surface very smooth and glossy. Your teeth become so smooth that no more plaque can deposit on them.
  2. Cleaner formula
    Toothbrushing tablets lack many substances that are present in normal toothpaste, such as preservatives, consistency enhancers, PEGs, aluminium, parabens, etc. These types of substances are not required for tablets in dry form. This makes the tablets much more tolerable than normal toothpaste.


Toothbrush tablets are for sale in bags of:

  • 3.15 kg (10,000 tablets)
  • 1 kg (about 3175 tablets)
  • 100 grams (about 320 tablets)
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