Mediterranean Sea Salt Fine 0.2-1.0 mm

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Origin and extraction

This naturally pure sea salt is extracted on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. The salt works are located in large natural parks or nature reserves, away from industry and large cities. The seawater is channeled through ancient channels to the salt marshes.

Wind and sun gradually increase the salt concentration. The salt begins to crystallize and sinks to the bottom of the saltworks. Then the salt is harvested with special tools. After extraction, the salt is dried and sieved into different grain sizes, from coarse sea salt to fine sea salt.

Where to buy unrefined sea salt?

This product is fine sea salt with a grain size of up to 1 mm. The Mediterranean sea salt is a purely natural product, unrefined and free of chemicals and additives. It is similar to Celtic sea salt, only less gray in colour.

Good for nature

Today, salt production still takes place according to the age-old traditions in Mediterranean salt marshes. The extraction areas are refuges for animals and an important habitat for many endangered bird and plant species. Here, commercialization of the extraction of sea salts contributes to the preservation of a unique coastal landscape.

Taste and use

The salt has its own aroma and a much milder taste than usual table salt. The Mediterranean sea salt is a good alternative to table salt and is suitable for use on various dishes. You can also use it as a bath salt.

This Mediterranean Sea Salt is a hygroscopic product.

Specific characteristics of Mediterranean Sea Salt:

  • < 97% NaCl
  • 0.3% Ca
  • 0.2% SO4
  • 0.04% Mg

Where do I purchase fine sea salt?

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Premium Mediterranean Sea Salt Fine 0.2-1.0 mm

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