Himalayan Halite Salt Chunks 2-5 cm

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History of Halite Salt

Halite salt is an unrefined and pure mineral salt from the Himalayas and is traditionally mined by hand in Pakistan. The salt in the Himalayas is a remnant of an ancient sea. Over the centuries, the water of this ancient sea evaporated and left behind pure, uncontaminated salt. Halite consists of salt and many additional minerals and trace elements.

The name of halite comes from the Greek word 'hals' which means seawater, salt. Salt was at the Romans a very valuable commodity and it was used as a flavoring, but also as a cosmetic.

Production process Himalayan Halite salt Chunks

This Himalayan halite salt chunks come from the Khewra Salt Mine, the largest of a total of 5 mines in the foothills of the Himalayan massif, the so-called Saltrange. The chunks are selected on site for their quality. Then the Himalayan salt is ground and immediately packed so that it is free of additives. It is the diamond among the salts and is crystal clear.

Use of Himalayan Halite Salt

This salt has a sodium chloride content of up to 99.8% and is therefore particularly suitable for salt baths or drinking cures (sole). Himalayan halite salt is also suitable as culinary salt on green salads, steak, potatoes in the oven and other savory preparations. It also goes well on sweet preparations, such as chocolate chip cookies or caramel cakes.

Premium Himalayan Halite Salt Chunks 2-5 cm

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