Hawaii Salt Alea Gold Red 1-2 mm

This red salt is extracted in Hawaii on the Pacific coast. The salt is mineralized by the volcanic soil and gets its red color by the iron oxide. Activated carbon has been added to t… Read on below...
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Origin Hawaii salts

Salt has a long tradition in Hawaii, as in many other cultures. For Hawaiians, salt is an essential component for achieving inner balance. It supports the natural flow of life and symbolises a deep connection with nature.

The Hawaiian salts with their distinctive colours reflect the colours of the land. Black for the volcanic origin, red for the ever-present sacred Alaea earth and for freedom, green for the vegetation and white for the water that surrounds the islands and the snow-capped mountain peaks.

Production and Colour

Salt is extracted from the Pacific coast near the island of Molokai. The water is allowed to evaporate using solar energy. The salt crystals are then mixed with mineral extracts to give it the distinctive colours of Hawaiian salt.

The red Hawaiian salt is mineralized with volcanic red Alaea earth and gets its red colour from iron oxide.

Specific Properties Red Hawaiian Salt:

  • <97.7% NaCI.
  • 1.24% Ca.
  • 0.65% Mg.
  • 4.28% SO4

Use Instructions:

This product is sold as a decorative salt and is in compliance with EU regulation "No Food".

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