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The production process of bamboo salt

This bamboo salt is sea salt that is traditionally roasted several times in bamboo tubes. Buddhist monks from Korea used this salt already 1000 years ago as a ritual healing salt for the Korean people and seasoned their lean food with it. The salt is still produced in Korea in the traditional way.

Sea salt is packed into bamboo tubes and sealed with clay. The tubes are then roasted in pinewood-fired ovens. The salt is then removed from the bamboo, loosened and packed again in a new bamboo tube. This cycle is repeated one to nine times and the temperature increases with each firing cycle, from 1000 to 1500 degrees Celsius.

The roasted salt thus derives from the bamboo an increasingly higher mineral content, which increases with the number of firing processes. The salt is very alkaline and, depending on its concentration, the pH value varies between 9 and 12. The complex production process is still carried out in the traditional way, without using mass production techniques. This results in a rare and valuable product, which is only available in limited quantities.

This bamboo salt is a hygroscopic product.

Taste and Usage

The roasted bamboo salt has an extremely salty taste, is fine as icing sugar and feels very pleasant. Bamboo salt is suitable for salting raw vegetables. It gives typical Korean dishes with rice or millet a special taste experience.

Specific properties Bamboo salt:

< 81,2% NaCI.
15,04% O.
< 1% Cu.
0,8% K.
0,0078% Fe.
0,0009% Mn.

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