Smoke Salt

Smoking salt gets its name in a special way, not from its composition or country of origin, but from the way it is made. Smoky salt qualifies for the term when it has been exposed to smoke through human activity.
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The phenomenon of smoked salt

The special thing about smoke salt is that it gets its name not from its composition or country of origin, but from the way it is made. Smoking salt only qualifies for the term when it has been exposed to smoke by human activity.

Smoking salt

Born amidst salt and smoke... Is he a ham? The 'false king' Renly Baratheon uttered these hilarious words in the hugely popular show Game of Thrones - a quote that fits in perfectly with the phenomenon of smoked salt.

Smoke salt was also 'born' amidst smoke and salt, or rather, it is a fusion of both. The salt is considered the absolute seasoning of meat, fish, eggs. There is nothing so delicious as a strong smoke aroma to grilled meat.

A tasty 'finishing touch'

Smoke salt can rightly be called a finishing touch. The salt gives the meal a unique smoky taste, perfect for the barbecue or grill. The smoke salt has an intense aroma. Danish smoke salt is grilled for no less than 160 hours in one go on beech wood and is stirred every so often so that the smoke can penetrate into the deepest pores of the salt.

Viking smoked salt

Smoke salt from Denmark is made according to the formula of the ancient Scandinavians. It is therefore also called 'Viking smoke salt'. Nowadays there are several producers. In addition to Viking smoke salt, or Danish smoke salt, you also have German smoke salt.

A laborious recipe

Smoking for 160 hours in one go means a laborious process. Because smoke salt is laborious, its production is not high. It can therefore rightly be called an exclusive salt. Only about 100 kilograms of Danish smoked salt are made per month. The unique thing about the process is that the salt is made in the same way as the old Vikings did.

German premium smoked salt

Buying smoke salt? You can choose for Danish smoke salt, but also for German smoke salt. For this product, sea salt is used, which is harvested by hand. The salt is then processed in a sea salt factory, in the middle of a nature reserve, on the Croatian coast. German smoked salt can therefore also be called a little 'Croatian smoked salt'.

The German smoking process

The sea salt is processed with beechwood flakes in Saxony by the German smoke master. The process involves smoking the Croatian salt intensively on beech wood at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius (cold smoking). During this process, the salt acquires its unique caramel brown colour. The longer it is smoked, the more intense the smoky flavour becomes.

What can you use German smoked salt for?

German smoked salt is an ideal addition to barbecue products and sauces, among other things. You can also use it for marinades, products with egg, tofu, for fish products and other seafood. It combines perfectly with mushrooms and potatoes, savoury stews and steak. In short: a bit of everything. Smoking salt is the wonder drug in your kitchen cupboard.

Smoking salt according to the Viking tradition

The old Scandinavians allowed seawater to evaporate on wood over a fire and then scraped the remaining layer of salt off the wood. The smoke gave the salt an intense flavour.

This old Viking tradition has been rediscovered by Scandinavian gourmets. The salt in Denmark is smoked on a mixture of cherry, juniper and beech wood, plus leaves. Why wood from the juniper? This gives the salt a spicy and subtle flavour.

Why smoked salt is something for you

Fanatical meat eater, vegan or vegetarian: smoked salt is at home in all markets. The process of processing smoked salt is centuries preserved and refined over the centuries. If something is very difficult and intensive to make and it is nevertheless done on a large scale, that only goes to show that it is worth doing. You can buy your smoked salt from Vehgro.

Artificial smoke salt

There is also such a thing as artificial smoke salt. This is smoke salt for which no wood is used. The smoke smell is artificially added to the salt by means of the 'Liquid Smoke' technique.

This technique is mainly used in America. It is a method which uses liquid smoke, which is converted into a liquid by means of a condenser and which can then be applied to the food via bottles.