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Welcome to our page with the special product Salt Flakes. Salt flakes is salt in the form of flakes. In fact, snowflake salt is a sea salt, with a specific taste and structure, reminiscent of snowflakes.
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What exactly are salt flakes? Winter in your home with a snow of salt

Salt flakes are salt pieces in the form of flakes. In England, snowflake salt is also called Maldon salt. What is snowflake salt exactly? You come across this type of salt in luxury restaurants, or with television chefs - Jamie Oliver in particular is known for his love of cooking with Salt Flakes.

In fact, Snowflake Salt sea salt, with a specific flavour and texture, reminiscent of snowflakes - it is a feast on your plate.

Different kinds of salt

Salt is not just salt, just as sweetener is not just sweetener. If you think of sweetener, you think of sugar. But there are many more sweeteners on the market, for example Stevia or aspartame. Salt is a collective name for one of the four tastes on your tongue (sweet, bitter, sour, salty).

What makes Snowflake salt unique?

The first thing you notice about Snowflake salt is the special structure of the sea salt. These sea salt flakes have a very different structure to ordinary sea salt or kitchen salt. Wonderful, of course: the structure almost resembles that of a pyramid. Snowflake salt is also called 'pyramid salt' for good reason. The salt taste is particularly pure.

Where is snowflake salt extracted?

Snowflake salt comes from various places around the world. From Africa, India, England and other places.

Snowflake salt is the most popular salt in the UK. Queen Elizabeth II appears to be fond of it too.

What can you use Snowflake salt for?

Buy snowflake salt flakes? Then don't use them to boil water with. That would be a shame. Do not use the flakes in oven dishes either, which will make the unique structure go to waste.

The trick is to preserve the unique structure of the salt flakes. The pyramid structure is namely pleasantly 'crunchy'. Snowflake salt is a real finishing touch and especially delicious on sandwiches, or in combination with a piece of meat. You want to really taste the salt.

Forming crystals

The evaporation of seawater takes place with the help of heated pans. The water in the heated pans evaporates and crystals are formed by the salt. The salt is raked with the help of long-stemmed rakes. This is known as 'raking the salt'.

Beautiful end product

As a result of the raking a flaky structure is created. These flakes are at the same time very beautiful and fragile. You can easily crumble them between your fingers. It is the structure and texture that makes this salt unique. Buying salt flakes is definitely for the unique crackling sensation.