Persian Blue Salt Granulate 1-2 mm

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Persian blue salt, also known as Persian salt, is a real eye-catcher. Persian blue salt is extracted from a salt mine in the province of Semman, in northern Iran. This is the only salt mine where this salt can be found. This salt is collected by hand.

The Colour

The salt has a rare colour variety. It is created by shifts and gaps in the crystal structure that makes the salt appear blue. The blue colour is therefore a rare optical effect.

Taste and use

The salt has an intense flavor at first, but this quickly subsides. The blue salt can be added to a salt mill and used with seafood or salads. It adds a mild flavor to dishes and provides a unique colour on dishes.

Specific Properties:

  • 85.8% NaCl.
  • 0.097% Ca.
  • 0.028% Mg.
  • 13% Potassium
  • <0.005% Iodine
  • <0.1% moisture


This salt is very high in potassium. Potassium is essential for the maintenance of important life processes. Potassium is as the main intracellular cat-ion involved in the physiological processes in each cell:

  • bioelectricity of cell membranes, i.e. normal neuromuscular stimulation, stimulation and conduction of the heart;
  • regulation of cell growth;
  • influence on vascular endothelial protective functions;
  • regulation of acid-base balance by influencing renal net acid excretion;
  • influence on hormone release (such as insulin by beta cells);
  • carbohydrate digestion and protein synthesis
(Source: Wikipedia)

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