Kala Namak Salt Granulate 2-5 mm

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Background and history

Kala Namak, also called black salt, is a salt granulate from the Pakistani and Indian Himalayas. This salt is naturally pure and unrefined volcanic mineral salt and is processed according to centuries-old traditions. The salt is characterised by a high water sulphide and iron content.

Traditionally, this salt was extracted from mines in Pakistan. The raw material has to be heated in a cooker for 24 hours while it was in a sealed ceramic container together with charcoal. During these 24 hours, the sodium sulphate is converted into hydrogen sulphide and sodium sulphide, which gives Kala Namak its dark colour. After heating, it was cooled, stored and aged.

Taste and Use

Kala Namak gives food a sulphurous smell and taste similar to the taste of eggs. Highly desirable in Indian cuisine, Kala Namak is used as a seasoning for fruit salads, chutneys, tofu scramble or in the popular Raitas. The salt is especially recommended with vegetables and exotic fruits, but also with fish. Kala Namak also gives fruit juice drinks an extraordinary taste. Vegans appreciate this kala namak salt for its egg-like taste and can be used for a scrambled tofu and a vegan omelette or a vegan mayonnaise.

Specific Characteristics

  • At least 97.15% NaCl
  • 0.26% Ca
  • 0.01% Mg
  • 1.339% SO4

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