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Fruits resembling meadow catkins or hazel blossoms are harvested at different stages of ripeness. They are then dried to give them their characteristic appearance. This pepper differ… Read on below...
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Origin and history

The long pepper has an elongated shape and is grey-brown in colour. The long pepper is a climbing plant where the roots grow from nodes. The pepper originally spread from northern India to Indonesia. The long pepper is harvested at different stages of maturity and then dried. The pepper is mainly used as a spice and is considered the first pepper variety. The longest variety is sharper than the black pepper, but are used the same.

The oldest known reference to long pepper comes from India where it was used in Ayurveda. This is an alternative medicine in India where the pepper was used as a medicinal ingredient. Among the Greeks and Romans, long pepper was an important and well-known spice. From the twelfth century, black pepper began to compete with the long pepper and from the fourteenth century the popularity of the long pepper faded. This was partly because it was believed that dried chilli peppers were similar in shape and taste. Unlike the long pepper, the chilli was also easier to grow


The long pepper is sharp with a sweet and earthy undertone. The long pepper can be broken with a mortar or chopped into pieces. Then the pepper should be served with a spice grinder. Grinding is difficult, however, so the pepper is often used whole.

The pepper is suitable for use in sauces, bouillons and marinades. But also with all meat dishes. With increasing cooking time the sharpness of the pepper increases. This product can be ordered in bulk

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