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VehGro B.V. is an importer and wholesaler of organic ingredients. On this online marketplace, you will find a wide range of natural food and natural care products. As an organic wholesaler, we also supply natural products and semi-finished products for setting up or expanding your own Private Label product. With our many years of experience and specialization, we are the right food partner for the supply of high quality and high value organic products.

Assortment of organic products

VehGro B.V. now supplies almost 2,000 organic ingredients...


The company VehGro B.V. supplies a particularly extensive range with as many as 1,500 different organic ingredients that are mainly used for the business market by catering companies, resellers, producers and retailers.

The purchasing department at VehGro has put together this range very critically for you by taking a good look at quality and what the market demands. Our range consists...
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For VehGro quality assurance is not just a bureaucratic process, but an effective tool. The aim is to offer traceable products of highest quality. All products are packaged and processed in compliance with the required nutritional quality standards.

VehGro cooperates with several partners who all have the required certifications such as FSSC-2200 or BRC...
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