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At VehGro, you will find various organic soup mixes, all made from 100% natural ingredients. VehGro offers the most delicious soup herbs, whether you are looking for a vegetable soup mix, a mix for chicken soup, mushroom soup or truffle soup. With the help of our soup herbs, you can easily make the most delicious soups yourself.
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  1. Organic Beef Bouillon Natural mix
    Beef Bouillon Natural Mix Organic SKU: 42190-conf
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  2. Organic Bolognese Sauce mix
    Bolognese Sauce Mix Organic SKU: 42210-conf
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  3. Organic Brown Base Sauce mix
    Brown Base Sauce Mix SKU: 42160-conf
    As low as €4.29 incl. VAT: €4.68
  4. Organic Chicken Bouillon mix
    Chicken Bouillon Mix Organic SKU: 42180-conf
    As low as €4.86 incl. VAT: €5.30
  5. Organic Clear Base Sauce mix
    Clear Base Sauce Mix Organic SKU: 42170-conf
    As low as €3.07 incl. VAT: €3.35
  6. Organic Herbs mix 'Sprinkle Master'
    Herbs Mix 'Sprinkle Master' Organic SKU: 42240-conf
    As low as €2.14 incl. VAT: €2.33
  7. Mushroom Broth Organic
    Mushroom Broth Organic SKU: 57480-conf
    As low as €2.98 incl. VAT: €3.25
  8. Organic Sellery Salt mix
    Organic Sellery Salt mix SKU: 42200-conf
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  9. Organic Sauce Thickener mix
    Sauce Thickener Mix Organic SKU: 42220-conf
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  10. Vegan NO-Beef Bouillon Biologisch
    Vegan NO-Beef Broth Organic SKU: 57460-conf
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  11. Vegan NO-Chicken Bouillon Biologisch
    Vegan NO-Chicken Broth Organic SKU: 57450-conf
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  12. Vegan Vegetable Broth Organic
    Vegan Vegetable Broth Organic SKU: 57470-conf
    As low as €2.52 incl. VAT: €2.75
  13. Groentebouillon Mix Biologisch
    Vegetable Boillon Mix Organic SKU: 42130-conf
    As low as €3.98 incl. VAT: €4.34
  14. Organic Vegetable Bouillon mix clear
    Vegetable Bouillon Mix clear Organic SKU: 42150-conf
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  15. Organic Vegetable Bouillon mix fine
    Vegetable Bouillon Mix Fine Organic SKU: 42140-conf
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  16. Organic Vegetable Broth mix
    Vegetable Broth Mix Organic SKU: 42120-conf
    As low as €3.78 incl. VAT: €4.12
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Oganic soup mixes: best mixes for soup

A wide range of organic soup mixes

At Vehgro, you will find various organic soup mixes, all made from 100% natural ingredients. Vehgro offers the most delicious herbs for soup, whether you are looking for a vegetable soup mix, a mix for chicken soup, mushroom soup or truffle soup. With the help of our soup herbs, you can easily make the most delicious soups yourself.

Recognising organic products

Organic soup mixes can be recognised by their quality mark. In the Netherlands there is the EKO quality mark and the European quality mark. To qualify for the term "organic" products must have the (green) European Quality Mark since 1 July 2012.

To obtain this label is not that easy: no less than 95% of the ingredients of the product must be organic. The products are made without chemical pesticides.

Strict rules

The herbs for vegetable soup that are most often used are thyme, parsley and bay leaf. Since soup for the most part consists of hot water, the flavour must be made by the other ingredients. These can be things like tomatoes (puree), onion, carrot, leek and mushrooms, but it is mainly the herbs that give taste: cloves, garlic...

Sauces for bouillons

In bouillons, you will mainly find the herbs bay leaf, parsley, chervil, chives, rosemary, thyme and tarragon. Bouillons add flavour to the soup, but are often very salty. You can also add a herb mix to the soup. For example, a mix for vegetable soup from Vehgro for a delicious herb vegetable soup.

Herbs in soups

There are several organic soup mixes. Think of chives, savory, nettle, dill, chervil, tarragon, cloves, coriander, bay leaf, marjoram or marjoram, fennel and thyme. The Vehgro vegetable soup mix contains a balanced combination of the tastiest herbs.

Use of basil

Organic soup mixes are not complete without the use of basil. The basil plant is a perennial, which is not hardy against the winter. The plant cannot survive outdoors, but it can in a greenhouse or at home. Give the basil plant some fresh light and it can quickly grow to 45 centimetres in height. Basil has a wonderfully strong aroma. The aroma is often used for tomato soup.

Using chives

Chives have an onion-like flavour, which is not surprising considering they are related to bulbous plants such as leek, garlic and, yes, onion. Chives are a perennial plant and are often kept in a pot on the windowsill or balcony.

Cut the stems regularly, then the plant will continue to grow. The leaves are best chopped and added to the soup. In a herbal mix for soups you will find the sharp taste of chives in small shreds.

The right flavour for the soup

What flavour you want to add to your soup depends mainly on your personal taste. Not all herbs go well together, so it is important to mix as well as possible. Or you can choose a Vehgro mix, where the flavours have already been balanced for you.

Herbs in asparagus soup

A delicious addition to a creamy asparagus soup is a herb mix which includes dill, nutmeg, thyme, rosemary and marjoram. This herb mix gives the asparagus soup a rich and full flavour.

The herbs in broth

You could say that the stock is the heart and soul of every soup. It is the core of the flavour: an explosive taste-bomb that is diluted with water in the right proportion. In the bouillon, you will find herbs such as mace, tarragon, basil, thyme and bay leaf.

Mushroom soup and pea soup

In the Netherlands, mushroom soup is very popular. Pea soup is a real Dutch speciality. In pea soup you will find the following herbs: savoury, rosemary, thyme, sage, tarragon, celeriac and basil. In mushroom soup, in addition to chives, rosemary and thyme, you will also find lemon balm: a South European plant with a lemon-like scent.

Vegetable soups

With vegetable soups you can mean anything, including onion soup, tomato soup and soup of leeks. In tomato soup you will find basil, chives, thyme and marjoram, while for onion soup garlic and chervil are a golden combination. Leek soup also contains chives and often parsley. A secret weapon for any successful leek soup is the lemon balm mentioned above.

Chicken soup: you are a soup chicken?

Chicken soup is another well-known and much-tried recipe in the Netherlands. Chicken soup is usually eaten with a herbal mixture of marjoram, thyme and basil. But chervil and mace are also excellent additions to chicken soup. Anything goes in chicken soup.

A fresh or creamy fish soup

Fish soup is an absolute must for the fish lover. In fish soup, you will usually find a mix of herbs including bay leaf, thyme and chives. You will also find tarragon and fennel in fish soup. In fact, anything is possible, as long as you like the combination of herbs.
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