Where can I change the E-mail address for invoices?

You can change the billing and Goods Receipt email address in your account. Click on the link below to view the step-by-step plan

To change the your Email adress for invoices, just follow these easy steps. 

  1. First, open up the website or app you're using and go to your profile page. This is usually the page that has your name or picture on it, and where you can see your account information.
  2. Look on the left side of the page for a menu bar. There should be a list of different options you can click on. Find the one that says "Account Information" and click on it.
  3. Once you're on the Account Information page, look for "Change Email and Password" Click on it.
  4. Now you should see a form where you can enter a new address. Type in the new address you want to use for invoice purposes. After you're done, find a button that says "Save" or "Submit" and click on it. This will make sure your new E-mail adress is saved correctly.

And that's it! Just four simple steps to change your Email adress