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Are all products organic?

All products on our website marked as ORG are certified organic and under the control of the competent Dutch supervisory authority SKAL. Products without this mark are regular products and not organic.

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We have the ability to grant our customers access to the SKAL back office, where you are able to always download the latest certificates. Please let us know by mail if you are interested in this service.

Where can I find more product information?

On the product page, you can find information under the description tab, usually, there is also a specification to download under the heading: "More information".

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How can I ask product questions?

logged in users can ask questions on the product page under the heading "Product Questions". 

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Where can I find the specification of an ingredient?

We have a specsheet for almost all the ingredients we sell. You can always find this on the product page of an ingredient under the "More Information" tab.   If the specsheet on this tab is older than 3 years, you can request a new version here...

What is the country of origin of this product?

The country of origin of a product can be found on the product specification sheet.You can find it under the tab "More Information" and then selecting "Specsheet"   If the country of origin is not listed on this sheet, or if more than one country...

When can i use the organic logo?

When producing organic food, the requirements of organic farming must be met, taking into account the environment and animal welfare.

In order to sell products as organic, the regulations and requirements for trades and producers must be met. Do you need an organic certificate or registration? Click here to read more 

Can my product be sold as gluten-free if no gluten has been detected in the analysis?

No. The product in question is in principle gluten-free and is produced without gluten. However, in order to sell this product as gluten-free, the entire chain up to production would have to be demonstrably gluten-free. This is not the case and is also...

What is the diference between flour and sieved flour?

Flour and sieved flour are both made from ground grains.


For flour, the entire grain of the grain is ground, creating a (whole grain) flour. Flour has a coarse structure because of the pieces of cereal grains, it is therefore more suitable for baking bread or pancakes. Do you want to bake something with the most nutrients? Then go for a wholemeal flour instead of flour.

Sieved flour

Sieved flour is the finer version of flour. To get flour, the grains are ground and then the skins, bran and germs are sieved out. Due to the fine structure of flour, Sieved flour is suitable for baking cookies or cakes.

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