Private Label / Foodconcepts

In addition to our wholesale function, VehGro has developed itself as a solid partner for the development of private label brands (Private Label). We now have more than 6 years of experience in this field. Together with our many partners, we have launched various successful products.

Private Label Development and Food Concepts

VehGro is not just a wholesale provider but also a trusted partner for the development of private label brands. With over 6 years of experience in this field and successful partnerships, we can help you create a unique private label brand that stands out in the market.

From mixing ingredients to shipping the final retail-ready products, our Foodconcepts service can support clients through every step of the process.

We have two production facilities that comply with FSCC-22000 standards, giving us the flexibility to meet your needs. We have also established a long-standing partnership with a specialized packaging company to maintain our high-quality standards.

Our in-house capabilities include filling powders and liquids into various containers, such as stand-up pouches, glasses, and bottles. We can also seal, label, and print batch codes.

In addition, we offer mixing services for powders, capsulation services for capsules and softgels, tabletting, and blistering for capsules and tablets.

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