Costs and rights for delivery outside the EU

What are import duties?

Import duties are also called "customs duties" and these are taxes charged on imported goods. This does not apply to countries that are members of the European Union (free movement of goods). The goods are subject to an import procedure and customs clearance. Customs clearance depends on:

  • The country of origin
  • The value, shipping costs included
  • The quantity of the goods

Import duties and taxes are charged by customs in the country of destination. Each country has its own customs laws and charges. You can obtain the rates from your government.

Calculating import duties

The calculation of import duties depends on the taxable value of the dutiable shipment.The payments of import duties and taxes are for the recipient, unless otherwise agreed.

The costs that may be charged depend on the value and type of imported goods. You may be liable for the following charges for customs clearance:

  • Import duty (percentage of the value of the shipment and transportation costs)
  • Local tax
  • Additional charge for DHL prepayment
  • Possible regulatory fees

Delivery At Place

Vehgro sends shipments outside the EU with the Incoterm: "Delivery at Place (DAP)". This means that Vehgro ensures the delivery of products to a location agreed with the recipient. Vehgro is responsible for the transport until the products have been unloaded. Import duties and taxes on the goods are borne by the recipient.

  • If the recipient is already an existing customer with DHL, DHL will do the customs clearance and advance the VAT and import duties. These costs will then be charged to the account number.
  • If the recipient is not a DHL customer then the charges must be paid before the delivery. Once the invoice is paid, DHL will take care of the customs clearance. When the invoice is not paid, this may lead to a delay of the delivery.

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