Can my product be sold as gluten-free if no gluten has been detected in the analysis?

No. The product in question is in principle gluten-free and is produced without gluten. However, in order to sell this product as gluten-free, the entire chain up to production would have to be demonstrably gluten-free. This is not the case and is also not possible as it is still being transported to its final destination.

If you, as a customer, choose to sell the product as 100% gluten-free, we always recommend carrying out an additional analysis before filling/manufacturing it from your warehouse. This can also be done after it has been processed into the final product.

If more certainty is required in advance, we can also carry out a gluten analysis for the batch in question. In that case, the analysis costs are covered by the client and the delivery time is about 4-5 working days. We will not be able to sell the product as 100% gluten-free, as transport to the client still needs to take place.

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