As a producer of your own brand of organic food or personal care products, you can choose to have 'the backside' of the ordering process carried out by specialists.

We offer the Fulfillment service to several customers in our industry (organic food and personal care products). We often choose to include the brand in our range (VehGroshop), but this is not a hard condition.

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What are the advantages?

A number of advantages of outsourcing order fulfillment:

  • Continuity:
    The process continues, even if you or your employee unexpectedly drops out.

  • Flexibility:
    You don't have to take fluctuations in the demand for your products into account when it comes to personnel.

  • Expertise:
    You make use of the expertise of the fulfillment provider in the field of logistics and/or customer service.


This means that you, as an entrepreneur, take care of the acquisition, marketing, customer communication and receive the orders. VehGro can then take care of the entire order processing (stock management, transport, returns, etc.). 

The fulfillment service is calculated on the basis of pallet locations, stock movements and the number of shipments.

If you are a manufacturer looking for a party that takes care of the fulfillment, please contact us.