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  1. Pancaky Mix Vegan Organic Bundle Basic
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Pancaky: Organic, Vegan and Delicious

Pancakes are delicious for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. And with the help of the recipes and mixes from Pancaky, you can also easily make them organic and vegan! Pancaky uses the products of and makes its own organic, vegan pancake mix. We look at which products are the best and most delicious base for the pancakes, so you can easily make them yourself!

Basic pancakes without egg and milk

The products of used for a basic pancake without egg and milk are: Rice flour Organic, Tapioca starch Organic, Arrowroot Powder Organic, Baking Powder and Glucose DE97 Dextrose Powder Fine Organic. This pancake mix without milk and egg is suitable for delicious vegan pancakes. Besides that this pancake mix is vegan, it is also organic and very tasty!

Delicious flavors

From the vegan pancake recipe for basic pancakes, Pancaky has created several recipes for pancakes with delicious flavors. The pancake mixes that Pancaky has put together are made with the flavors: apple-cinnamon, banana-chocolate, strawberry-coconut and pumpkin-spice.


Pancaky Apple Cinnamon Directly to our Apple Cinnamon mix

To the basic pancake mix, Apple powder freeze-dried and Cinnamon powder Ceylon have been added. When the pancakes are baked and the first bite is taken, your mouth will experience an intense taste sensation. The small pieces of apple scattered through the pancake will make you feel like biting into a fresh, slightly sour apple. The cinnamon adds a spicy undertone which makes this apple-cinnamon pancake mix even more delicious.



Pancaky Banana-Chocolate Directly to our Banana-Chocolate mix

The pancake mix with banana and chocolate contains Banana powder and Chocodrops 8-10 mm. This delicious combination gives you a sweet experience. The Chocodrops are spread throughout the pancake, just like the Banana powder. This will give you a different taste explosion in every bite.




Pancaky Strawberry-Coconut Directly to our Strawberry-Coconut Mix

Another feast is the pancake mix with Strawberry Powder Freeze-Dried and Coconut Flakes Medium. When you eat this pancake, you will get an exotic feeling. The coconut flakes in combination with the strawberry powder have a refined and sweet taste which comes back with every bite.


Pancaky Pumpkin-Spice Directly to our Pumpkin-Spice mix

Finally, Pancaky has put together a mix for Pumpkin Spice pancakes. This mix contains many different ingredients which together create a delicious spicy taste. The scents and flavours of Pumpkin Fruit Powder, Apple Powder Freeze Dried, Allspice Powder, Cinnamon Powder Ceylon, and Ginger Powder Germinal together give you an autumnal experience all year round!




Pancaky provides organic, vegan and delicious pancake mixes. Besides these mixes, Pancaky will soon bring more exciting and delicious mixes to the market!

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