Vitality Programme

Step 1: Wake up!

For people who (still) think they can sit back and let others (read: government) take care of my health: WAKE UP!

Healthy ageing does not only include pills or a shot that you pick up a few times a year.

To strengthen your health and natural defences, more is needed!

Strengthening our natural resistance is a very important factor in healthy ageing. Healthy nutrition is an important basis for this.

Let us now zoom in on that.


Step 2: Choose health

A very important core value of our company is health. According to us, the definition of health is as follows:

Health is a state of overall well-being, in which there is no physical injury or illness. It is also a state of psychological and social well-being. This definition is not based on illness, but on functioning, quality of life and a holistic view of mankind. Physical, mental and social states form a whole.

In this holistic approach, we have specialised in good nutrition. As far as we are concerned, this is the basis for a healthy life. Better nutrition makes you feel better, lets you shine, in other words puts you in your power.

Conventional food (i.e. regular food from the supermarket) contains regulated amounts of colourings, preservatives, emulsifiers, pesticides, aromatic substances, flavourings and other toxins. In addition, conventional food has often been stripped of its naturally occurring vitamins and minerals through processing ("processed foods"). The average employee's intake of essential vitamins and minerals through conventional food is therefore often too low.

We believe that it is also possible to grow food without all these superfluous substances. This quickly leads to organic farming, which makes a positive contribution to people and the environment. The environment and the plants are spared because no pesticides are used in the growing process. Soil life develops and the subtle balance of nutrients naturally present in the soil is restored. Human beings ingest fewer toxins and feel better as a result.

For these reasons, all our products are only offered as organic where possible.

To read more about us, look here.


Step 3: Let us advise and possibly help you

We know that companies are struggling these days with how to proceed. We believe that it is increasingly important for companies to take a holistic approach to their employees. After all, your employees are the company's actual capital.

So it is important to take good care of them and you may be able to help with awareness.

We advise companies to make their employees more aware of good nutrition (supplements) in relation to health.

VehGro B.V. offers a vitality programme specifically for companies, in which healthy products and supplements are delivered automatically in subscription form. This delivery is made directly to the employee's home or centrally at work. The choice is up to the employer.

We have put together ready-made packages, which we think are good for every individual.

We can recommend the following 3-stage vitality programme. We can offer a tailor-made vitality programme for your company. Please contact our sales department for this.

Directly to the vitality programme!