Coconut oil from the Philippines and Indonesia

Coconut oil from the Philippines and Indonesia sustainable_coconut oil

Sustainable Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a popular ingredient in the food and cosmetics industries. In 2005, two procurement projects were set up in the Philippines and in Indonesia. This was done to meet market demand and to guarantee a continuous supply of coconut oil. Together with local partners, these projects started to source organic coconut oil from small farms near Davao in the Philippines and on the Indonesian islands of Flores and Maluku.

These farms were already producing coconut oil organically for generations. Thanks to the certification programme, the farmer-suppliers receive an organic premium that increases their income.


Map showing farmer locations in the Philippines
  • 2128 hectares with organically certified coconut farms
  • Increased by 1440 hectares since 2009
  • 30-fold increase of coconut oil production since 2009
  • 519 small scale farms, where 83% of the farmers are younger than 35.



  • 3456 hectare with organically certified coconut farms
  • Increased by 2486 hectare since 2006
  • 80-fold increase of coconut oil production since 2005
  • 2898 small scale farms, with a growth of 1554 farmers since 2006

From farm to factory to customer

The integrated supply chain provides full transparency and traceability to ensure the production of high quality coconut oil. At each step in the production chain we know exactly where our coconut oil comes from and which farmers and employees were involved in its production.

Regular training on the farms and visits from local field workers ensure organic integrity. To obtain the coconut oil, processors extract the dried pulp of the coconut (Kopra). Subsequently, the coconut oil is further refined, bleached and deodorised to produce RBD deodorised coconut oil. Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Organic is not processed.

The production process of coconut oil

Social and environmental impact

Improving organic practices

Local inspectors visit farmers regularly to give advice on organic farming practices. Before a farmer is admitted to the certification programme, the field staff carefully checks whether the farmer complies with organic standards.


Our organic coconut oil complies with international organic regulations and is also KRAV and Fairtrade certified. These certifications guarantee that the organic coconut oil is produced with minimal impact on the environment. In this way, biodiversity is protected and fair working conditions on farms and in factories are guaranteed.

Farm Development

Our Kopra does not come from large-scale monocultures of coconut palms, but from thousands of small farmers. The plantations are biodiverse areas where coconut palms thrive alongside banana and mango trees. Our suppliers' farms have traditionally been managed according to organic practices. Regular training and organic certification allow the farmers to further improve their production and benefit from an attractive organic premium.