1. There is no such thing as organic Stevia

    Organic Stevia banner
    Stevia Extract is made from the leaves of the plant Stevia Rebaudiana. So you would say that this natural sweetener could also be organically grown. Yet it isn't. Naturaplaza explains below how this is the case.
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  2. Stevia Information

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    Stevia is a natural remedy that has no nasty side effects. It is a herbaceous plant that has been used for many centuries by the Indians of South America. Stevia is a herbal plant that has been used for...

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  3. Stevia seed to plant

    Stevia seed to plant
    Growing Stevia is not easy and takes a lot of patience. The stevia plant is a light-loving plant and needs a lot of water. You should take this into account when growing stevia. How can you h...
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  4. Honeyweed or stevia

    Honeyweed or stevia
    The most useful sweet components, or steviol glycoside (rebaudioside / rebA and stevioside), are found in the leaves of the honeydew. The ingredients steviol glycoside are extracted from the honeyb…
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  5. Stevia and sport

    Stevia and sport
    Sports drinks and health is a topical issue at the moment, but there are also alternatives to pre-packed sports drinks. Current sports drinks and energy drinks are particularly under fire because t…
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  6. New sweetener

    New sweetener
    As you may know, many of the sweeteners available on the market have recently become discredited, including aspartame, for example. The sweeteners are used in all kinds of products, including sweet…
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  7. Stevia plant and terminology

    Stevia plant and terminology
    Below, we have listed a number of terms around the theme of the stevia plant and steviol glycosides, because we notice that certain terms are regularly used interchangeably: This refers to the stev…
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  8. The taste of Stevia

    The taste of Stevia
    Taste is often said to be subjective. In this case, the taste is actually confused with personal preference. Because the taste of a product is a characteristic that the product has. In fact, we are…
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  9. Is stevia bitter?

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    It is a healthy alternative to sugar: stevia. But there are people who find stevia bitter. Scientists have researched this and found an explanation for it. Stevia is a plant extract and therefore a…
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  10. Stevia and health

    Stevia and health
    Stevia has a beneficial effect on health and is non-toxic. The sweetener is rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains among others, vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin C, calcium, chromium, phosphorus,…
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