1. Essential Salt

    Essential Salt
    In the quest for health, it is very important to understand the difference between table salt and organic (unrefined) sea salt. Salt and sodium are both used but this is not correct. Salt is sodium…
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  2. Different kinds of salt

    Different kinds of salt
    The sea salt and salt from salt mines is refined and about 80 minerals are removed, leaving only sodium chloride (NaCl). These minerals are used for other food products. Approximately 70% of the Na…
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  3. Himalaya salt

    Himalaya salt
    The natural salt Himalaya salt or crystal salt or Halie salt is a salt that is perfectly absorbed by the body. It contains all kinds of original minerals and trace elements. The building blocks of …
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  4. Celtic seasalt

    Celtic Sea Salt Banner

    Celtic sea salt is also called grey salt or sel gris in French. The salt has a light grey colour because it slowly crystallizes on the clay bottom of the salt pan. Due to the long "ripening" on the…

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