Reishi Mushroom

REISHI mushroom powder



The Reishi mushroom is an ancient oriental medicine that has been used for hundreds of years. Originally found in the remote mountainous forests of China, Japan and Korea, the wild Reishi mushroom seeks moist, shady conditions at the base and lower trunk of deciduous hardwood trees. A fresh specimen is soft and corky with a striking flat red cap. The reishi mushroom is defined as a polypore - a term for a type of fungus that has no platelets on its underside but releases its spores through a large number of small pores. Although the name reishi comes from Japan, the mushroom's family name is derived from two Greek words: ganos meaning clarity and derma (skin).  The species name, lucidum, is Latin for 'reflecting' and so both parts of the name refer to the plant's naturally shiny surface. There are six different types of Ganoderma lucidum: red, purple, green, white, yellow and black. The red mushroom is said to have the most healing properties.

The Chinese name, leng Zhi, refers more to reishi's use than to its appearance, it translates literally as 'herb of spiritual potency. The Reishi mushroom has a place of honour as the oldest component of Chinese medicine, compiled around 200CE. Legend has it that when Reishi's reputation reached Emperor Ti of the Chin Dynasty, he sent a fleet of ships to the East, manned by 300 strong men and 300 beautiful women with the mission to bring the magical plant back to his kingdom.

Due to its relative scarcity in the wild, the use of reishi's was usually limited to the emperor, his court and the rich upper classes.

It also became a cultural icon and had a prominent place as a symbol in works of art, clothing and decoration.


Our Reishi mushroom grows on a plantation located in the Qingyuan province. Besides being known as China's 'mushroom city', it is also recognized as the best ecological environment in the country. Our supplier has been leading exports to Europe and the US for over 15 years and is a technology leader in mushroom growing. Temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, light intensity and nutrients are meticulously recorded to maintain optimal growth conditions.

The dried mushrooms are then grounded into a fine powder.