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  1. There is no such thing as organic Stevia

    Organic Stevia banner
    Stevia Extract is made from the leaves of the plant Stevia Rebaudiana. So you would say that this natural sweetener could also be organically grown. Yet it isn't. Naturaplaza explains below how this is the case.
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  2. Relaxing Golden Milk (Tumeric tea)

    Golden Tea Banner
    Do you want to relax and unwind after a busy day? Then take a look at this recipe for a delicious golden milk. This tea is also very healthy, turmeric is one of the healthiest spices in the world.
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  3. Ginger Detox Tea

    Ginger Detox Tea Banner

    The detox tea that also helps to get rid of your bloating. This tea contains Ginger, Turmeric, Cayenne pepper, Lemon and Cinnamon. If you have been craving a nice cup of ginger tea, then go through this recipe for ginger detox tea.

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  4. Vitality Programme

    Vitality Programme

    Get to know our vitality programme now!

    Cleans your body in the detox phase. Increase your resistance in the energy and immunity phase and maintain your health in the Maintenance Phase

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  5. Coconut oil from the Philippines and Indonesia

    Coconut oil from the Philippines and Indonesia
    Coconut oil is a popular ingredient in the food and cosmetics industries. Our coconut oil is Fairtrade and is made and paid for in a fair way.
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  6. Stevia Information

    stevia information banner

    Stevia is a natural remedy that has no nasty side effects. It is a herbaceous plant that has been used for many centuries by the Indians of South America. Stevia is a herbal plant that has been used for...

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  7. Ayurvedic Herbs

    Ayurvedic Herbs

    Ashwagandha means 'horse smell'. The taste consists of a combination of bitter astringent (rasa), sweet after digestion (vipaka) and hot as effect (virya). From this plant, the roots are used...

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  8. Cocoa Powder Organic

    Cocoa Powder Organic

    The cocoa tree, native to the fertile forests of South America, is known not only for its unique flavour, but also for its therapeutic and nutritional properties. Its Latin name - ...

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  9. Goji Berry Powder

    Goji Berry Powder

    Goji berries have a 3000-year history in Chinese herbal medicine.The bright red fruit has achieved such legendary status due to its claimed anti-ageing effects, far from being a...

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  10. Acai Powder Freeze dried Organic (EUTERPE OLERACEA)

    Acai Powder Freeze dried Organic (EUTERPE OLERACEA)
    The acai is a tropical palm tree native to the Amazon rainforest in South America. It grows abundantly in the floodplains or Varzea of the Amazon basin in Brazil, where annual precipitation can exc…
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