Organic Wholesaler

The advantages of buying from an organic wholesaler

A good wholesaler traditionally pays extensive attention to quality, stock, continuity, service and of course competitive prices. However, there is another important point on which a wholesaler can distinguish itself and that concerns the nature and origin of the products that are supplied. An organic wholesaler goes a step further than a regular wholesaler and therefore more can be expected from such a trade.

What it means to be an organic wholesaler

An organic wholesaler has a specific challenge compared to a regular wholesaler: how to ensure that as a buyer you get the quality you are used to (or preferably even better) and that the product has 100% organic origin? Bulk sales and organic origin seem to be two opposites, but a good wholesaler like VehGro knows how to combine these two elements. This means that there are not only very strict requirements for the quality of the products, but also for the partnerships. Whether it concerns raw materials or ingredients, semi-finished or finished products in the food or non-food sector: the wholesaler must be sure that what they buy is of traceable, verifiable organic origin.

Same but different

An organic wholesaler basically works the same as a regular wholesaler, yet there are important differences behind the scenes. Customers are always looking for good quality and a good price, but as a buyer, you also want a reliable wholesaler: one with sufficient stock that can always deliver when you need it. This can be a challenge with non-organic products, but even more so with organic products. Organic products are often more difficult to grow, cultivate or obtain than non-organic products. As a rule, they are also produced in smaller quantities. You will understand that as an organic wholesaler you have to come from a good home in order to meet all these requirements. VehGro is an organic wholesaler that has proven itself.

What you can expect from the assortment of an organic wholesaler

In short, you can expect the same from the assortment of an organic wholesaler as from the assortment of a regular wholesaler: everything you are looking for as an entrepreneur, catering professional, retailer or other reseller is in the assortment. The big difference, of course, is the origin: the organic products of an organic wholesaler must meet certain requirements and conditions in order to bear the title "organic". Therefore, in the product descriptions, you will not only find information about the origin (and often also about the partnerships), but you will also be able to view and download certificates confirming the organic origin of the raw materials/ingredients and/or products. Only then may the claim "100% organic" be made. As a buyer you can not only count on the highest quality; you also know that what you buy has been created with an eye and care for people and nature. That is why buying from an organic wholesaler already has a big advantage over buying from regular wholesalers, where this care and quality cannot always be checked.

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