Organic Chlorella




Chlorella is a single-celled microalga that grows naturally in freshwaters around the world. It is a kind of phytoplankton - free-floating aquatic plants that generate their own energy from sunlight using the green photosynthetic pigment chlorophyll.  The name chlorella comes from the Greek word "chloros" meaning green-yellow, and chlorella colonies can give water bodies a vibrant green colour because of their high content of chlorophyll. A litre of chlorella suspension can contain over 20 billion individual cells. Chlorella reproduces rapidly by asexual division and creates between 2 and 16 new 'daughter cells' within 16-20 hours. 

Chlorella is an ancient species that first developed about 2 billion years ago, but was only identified in the 1800s by a Dutch scientist. A lot of research was done in the early 1900s. Chlorella was studied as an easily accessible source of nutrition because of its rapid growth, which absorbs energy at a faster rate than other terrestrial plant crops. It is now grown and harvested commercially in countries around the world with a sufficiently warm climate and consistent sunlight because it has a temperature between 20-25°C and constant sunlight for sufficient cell division.

Chlorella contains a lot of protein, the photosynthetic pigment chlorophyll and the yellow plant pigment carotenoid. Research has been conducted since the 1940s into possible health benefits, which has led to increased cultivation around the world.  The high concentrations of chlorophyll in chlorella have led to an increasingly popular component.


Our chlorella is grown and harvested on a small island in the South China Sea. The freshwater ponds are filled with water extracted from deep underground, which is carefully filtered before use to ensure that it is completely pure. No chemical pesticides are used in the cultivation of our organic chlorella. It grows outside in natural sunlight while being carefully stirred to ensure an even distribution of the newly generated chlorella cells.

The climate in this area is ideal for the cultivation of chlorella, with over 20,000 hours of sunshine per year and consistently high temperatures. The environment consists of a natural forest, without risk of contamination from agricultural runoff. 

Pure Chlorella is added to the water in the growing ponds, and this starts reproducing immediately, to a concentration where it can be harvested after about 6 weeks. After this, the newly generated chlorella is harvested weekly and sieved from the water surface using fine mesh screens that collect the small individual cells.

The chlorella is carefully hand washed and then quickly dried while maintaining the maximum amount of nutrients. This powder is then ground to break down the insoluble cell walls.

Mix Organic chlorella powder in a glass of orange juice or mix it through smoothies to take advantage of the natural detoxifying effects while giving your diet an extra protein and mineral boost with this age-old algae.


Organic Chlorella Powder