1. Applications soapnuts

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    Soapnuts can be used for many purposes. Some applications are: Soapnut extract shampoo; works on dandruff and gives the hair a silky glass and vitality. If you have a lace and...
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  2. What are Soap Nuts

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    Indian Soap nuts or soapnuts contain 100% natural saponins (vegetable glycoside). These substances, which are naturally present in the wash note, form a soapy solution in water with an unsurpassed …
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  3. Doing laundry without detergent - Soap Nuts

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    If you want to wash without detergent, wash nuts are an excellent alternative. Washing without detergent? Use 8 half Soap Nuts in a sock or a cotton bag and put these in the washing machine. With t…
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  4. How to make a Soap Nut extract

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    For white and light coloured laundry we advise making a liquid Soap Nuts extract. This nut extract can also be used as a natural soap for washing hands, shampoo or as an all-purpose cleaner. To pre…
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