Import Natural Food

Import Natural Food VehGro

VehGro is a wholesaler of natural foods and specialises in the import, export and distribution of exclusive natural foods and natural care products. We only offer products that are good for your health and of high quality. As an importer and distributor we supply to business customers and, in consultation, to customers in the wholesale, retail and industrial production companies. The products in our range are carefully selected by us. With us you will only find high quality natural food and natural care products.

Natural Food Import

At our wholesale the emphasis is on (organic) natural foods such as natural sweeteners (including stevia, agave syrup and honey), superfoods, natural salts (including Himalayan salt), herbs and spices and supplements. You can also come to us for care products and aromatherapy. The (organic) natural products we select originate from various regions of the world. All products are checked and packed in Europe. VehGro is also certified by SKAL for storage and preparation of organic food products.

Natural food import

The (organic) natural products we select come from various regions of the world. The dried stevia leaves, which our stevia powder, sweeteners, and liquid stevia are made from, are coming from Paraguay and Spain and we import Himalayan salts from northern Pakistan and soap from Aleppo in Syria.

Biological health food imports

Several of our food and personal care products have the BIO label, which stands for 100% controlled organic and reliable. These articles are therefore guaranteed free of all kinds of additives such as sugars, fats and also pesticides. The quality of our products is regularly checked.