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    Take a look behind the scenes of your organic wholesaler and learn all about organic products, your own brand, our webshop, our company and the people behind it

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  2. Wholesaler Superfoods Vehgro

    Wholesaler Superfoods Vehgro

    VehGro is a superfoods wholesaler and webshop specialising in the import, export and distribution of exclusive natural foods and natural health care products.

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  3. When can the Organic logo be used?

    When can the Organic logo be used?
    If you decide to sell organic products, then there are a couple of things you need to take into account. What the organic label means and what you should pay attention to is explained here...
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  4. Import Superfoods

    Import Superfoods Banner
    The (organic) natural products we select come from various regions of the world. Many of our products are organic, as are a large number of superfoods. They are free of additives such as colourings…
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  5. Wholesaler Natural Foods

    Wholesaler Natural Foods
    VehGro is a wholesale natural food and specializes in the import, export and distribution of. exclusive natural food and natural care products. We only offer products that are good for your health …
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  6. Organic Wholesaler

    Organic Wholesaler

    The advantages of buying from an organic wholesaler

    A good wholesaler traditionally pays extensive attention to quality, stock, continuity, service and of course competitive price"

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