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Summer is here again so that means great weather for barbecuing. Of course you can make your own herb mix, but we have different types of pre-made herb mixes which are also organic. The herb mixes can be used to season meat or to make a potato dressing, for example. This can be done by mixing a small amount of oil with two tablespoons of herb mix and then mixing with the potato wedges or slices.

How to use our Smokey BBQ mix for grilling meat on the BBQ


Preparation method:

  1. The first step is to pat the meat dry.
  2. You can then rub the meat with olive oil, mustard or worcestershire sauce first, but this is not necessary (the herbs can also be sprinkled directly on the meat without sauce).
  3. Then rub the meat with the herb mix until it is completely covered. Because the herb mix contains dried herbs, it's easy to distribute over the meat.
  4. Now wrap the meat in kitchen foil and let it rest for 45 minutes to 2 hours in the fridge, so that the herbs can be absorbed into the meat.
  5. While the seasoning is seeping into the meat, you can make a mop sauce to use during grilling. Mix 1 part water, 1 part ketchup and ½ part of the rub mix.
  6. After the meat is seasoned well enough, it's time to start grilling!
  7. Put the meat on the BBQ.
  8. Turn the meat regularly and after each turn, sprinkle a bit of the mop sauce over the meat to add moisture and reduce dehydration. In addition, it also enhances the flavor.


Use a spice spreader to spread the spices even more easily over the meat.

Have a nice meal!

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