1. Agave Syrup

    Agave Syrup
    Agave syrup is an organic sweetener naturally extracted as a milky white juice from the pineapple-shaped core (Piña) of the Blue Weber Agave, a cactus-like plant native to Mexico. The Blue Agave pl…
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  2. Coconut Palm Sugar Organic

    cocos palm sugar banner

    Coconut palm sugar is a natural, unrefined sweetener extracted from the flowers of the coconut palms. Coconut nucifera grows on islands and along coasts in tropical climates. Our coconut...

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  3. Sugar vs The Human Body

    Sugar vs The Human Body
    After taking refined sugar or sucrose, "good substances" are removed from the body to digest the refined sugar. This can weaken your immune system. In addition, extracting these substances from the…
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  4. Cane sugar - the history

    Cane sugar - the history
    Before one could extract sugar from sugar cane or sugar beet, one mainly ate honey to sweeten the food. Sweet plants and fruits were also good and natural sweeteners. The first sugar as we know it …
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  5. Refined sugar production

    Refined sugar production
    Usually, by sweetener sugar we mean the purified, concentrated white product of sugar beet or sugar cane, the refined sugar or sucrose. However, there are other sugars, such as raw sugar, brown sug…
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