What is Hygroscopy?

Hygroscopy means 'tending to retain moisture'. The word comes from Greek. A hygroscopic product extracts water from the surrounding air. Various powders of herbs and spices are hygroscopic. In a hygroscopic reaction, water vapour molecules from the air are attracted to molecules of the product, so that they settle in the pores of the hygroscopic material. The result is that the powders start to clump.

Hygroscopic products

The products you buy at Vehgro can be hygroscopic. It is important for you and your product that you know how to deal with this. A hygroscopic product you buy from us will sometimes clump over time. When clumping has occurred, you can sieve or grind the material and it will revert to it's original state.

The moisture particles between the pores of the powder will be released and the clogging will disappear.

Hygroscopic components in a mix

Clumping also occurs in compound products with a hygroscopic ingredient. The entire product becomes hygroscopic because of that one ingredient. Think, for example, of certain herbal mixes. This must be taken into account during the production process. To prevent clumping of hygroscopic products, they should be processed in a room that is as sterile as possible and packed in airtight packaging. Vehgro has the right knowledge and facilities to realise this for you in a professional manner.