Monthly Archives: May 2024

  1. The Production of RAW Cacao

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    Discover the strict standards behind RAW cacao in this in-depth look at the production process. From fermentation to pressing, learn how careful temperature control is essential to preserving the natural nutritional value. This blog explains why RAW cacao products, which are never heated above 45°C, take more time and effort to produce and are therefore rarer and more costly. An revealing look at the efforts required to truly call cacao 'RAW'.
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  2. Cadmium in Cocoa

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    This blog is about cadmium in cocoa, a harmful metal that is found in the soil where cocoa is grown. An explanation of how cadmium ends up in cocoa products and why this is a problem for our health. We also discuss how European regulations ensure that cocoa products are safe to eat and how this affects cocoa imports.
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