Monthly Archives: July 2021

  1. Stevia Chocolate Cake

    Stevia Chocolat Cake Banner

    Today is World Health Day, so we share a delicious chocolate cake recipe with you. In this recipe stevia is used as the sweetener...

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  2. Stevia Information

    stevia information banner

    Stevia is a natural remedy that has no nasty side effects. It is a herbaceous plant that has been used for many centuries by the Indians of South America. Stevia is a herbal plant that has been used for...

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  3. Organic Sparerib Recipe Spicey for in the Oven

    Spicy Sparerib Recipe Banner

    The Vesuvius Herb Mix is ideal for marinating spare ribs. With this recipe you can prepare delicious spare ribs in the oven!

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  4. Healthy Light Pancakes

    Pancakes banner

    Delicious recipe for healthy and light pancakes made with oat flour. These pancakes can also be prepared gluten-free with our gluten-free products.

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  5. Sugar-free stevia lemonade

    Sugar-free lemonade Banner

    Put all these ingredients together in a large juice jar, and stir until everything is well mixed. Then pour the lemonade into glasses filled with ice cubes, and on the edge of each glass decorate di...

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  6. Almond Bread with Banana

    almond bread with banana banner

    Try this delicious almond bread with banana, very tasty and no added sugars. Not only delicious but also healthy!

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  7. BBQ rub-recipe

    BBQ rub-recipe banner

    Summer is here again so that means great weather for barbecuing. Of course you can make your own herb mix, but we have several ready-made ones...

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  8. (Gluten-free) Chocolate Easter Muffins

    glutenfree muffins banner

    An easy (gluten free) chocolate muffin recipe for Easter. Add some chocolate eggs for decoration and you get delicious chocolate Easter muffins!

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  9. Ayurvedic Herbs

    Ayurvedic Herbs

    Ashwagandha means 'horse smell'. The taste consists of a combination of bitter astringent (rasa), sweet after digestion (vipaka) and hot as effect (virya). From this plant, the roots are used...

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  10. Cocoa Powder Organic

    Cocoa Powder Organic

    The cocoa tree, native to the fertile forests of South America, is known not only for its unique flavour, but also for its therapeutic and nutritional properties. Its Latin name - ...

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