Monthly Archives: June 2020

  1. Applications soapnuts

    the application of soapnuts banner
    Soapnuts can be used for many purposes. Some applications are: Soapnut extract shampoo; works on dandruff and gives the hair a silky glass and vitality. If you have a lace and...
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  2. Stevia seed to plant

    Stevia seed to plant
    Growing Stevia is not easy and takes a lot of patience. The stevia plant is a light-loving plant and needs a lot of water. You should take this into account when growing stevia. How can you h...
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  3. Honeyweed or stevia

    Honeyweed or stevia
    The most useful sweet components, or steviol glycoside (rebaudioside / rebA and stevioside), are found in the leaves of the honeydew. The ingredients steviol glycoside are extracted from the honeyb…
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